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Love is all we need

The year has seen us forge great relationships with local communities which was instrumental in the success and growth of our project. It proves that we simply can’t do without community engagement. Conservation isn’t solely an endeavour by NGOs alone, we need the help of the local community to really make a difference. To put it succinctly, conservation is a task for everyone.

OSK Property Cleans Up Balok Beach

The event which collected a massive 368kg of trash littering the stretch of 1km public beach fronting the TimurBay Sales Gallery and Swiss-Garden Resort Residences was jointly organised by OSK Property with OSK Foundation, Malaysian Nature Society (Pahang Branch) and Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia.

Terengganu turtles winning conservation war thanks to human hero

A concerted effort by the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia has helped save thousands of eggs and facilitated the release of thousands of hatchlings into Terengganu rivers.

‘Paper boat’ pollution on Perhentian Islands

Even paper trash poses a threat to sea turtles, warns environmentalist after participants of a team-building event fail to clean up after their function.

Tuntung makin pupus

Walaupun dilindungi sepenuhnya di bawah Akta Hidupan Liar 2010, sikap manusia, proses pembangunan, pencemaran dan perubahan alam termasuk banjir besar menjadi penyumbang yang mengancam masa depan tuntung, malah boleh membawa kepada kepupusan.