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Concluding Announcement Retrieved from the TRRG Website

This website was handed over to the new project leader after my term in UMT ended. Yesterday Pelf and I received an email from her telling us (to quote) – “My team will be no longer using the website. I do find some comments posted is not used to discuss on turtle matters.”

Goodbye, and thanks for all the memories

I will not be attached with any turtle-related projects carried out by the Turtle Research and Rehabilitation Group (TRRG) of UMT, with immediate effect.

Excavating the terrapin nests in Kampung Mangkok

On June 23rd, Fong and I went to Makcik Lina’s in Kampung Mangkok, Setiu to excavate all the river terrapin nests that were still undergoing incubation.

Today is World Turtle Day

Today, 23rd May is World Turtle Day (WTD) and we at the Turtle Research and Rehabilitation Group (TRRG) have many reasons to shell-e-brate!

River Terrapin Updates

In an earlier blog post, I had indicated that our first river terrapin nest was deposited on 28th January 2009. After one and a half months, we have managed to procure only 12 nests through Lina at Kampong Mangkok and an additional three at Kampong Banggol, with Ropi helping us out there.