TCC is featured in the August 2009 TSA Newsletter

About the TSA – The Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) is the only conservation NGO committed solely to turtle conservation, and operates under a singular, overarching commitment: zero turtle extinctions in the 21st century. Since its formation, the TSA has become recognized as a global force for turtle conservation, capable of taking swift and decisive action on behalf of critically endangered chelonians. Although the TSA was organized in response to the Asian Turtle Crisis, the group is well positioned to respond to other endangered turtle species, particularly where a managed breeding component is included in their overall survival strategy.

The above is excerpted from the Turtle Survival Alliance Facebook Fan Page

The article on the TCC jointly written by the TCC CEO and TSA President that appeared on pages 90-93 of the August 2009 TSA Newsletter is reproduced in full below:


*Note: The “turtle institute” mentioned in the first paragraph has been renamed to the Turtle Conservation Centre.




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