On the 1st July 2018, we organised another online quiz in conjunction with the inaugural World Firefly Day. A total of 50 participants registered for the quiz.

Following are the answers to all the questions:

1. What is a firefly?
A lightning bug and a beetle from the family Lampyridae. (Source)

2. How many species of fireflies are there in the world?
More than 2,000 species. (Source)

3. How long is a firefly’s larval stage?
1 – 2 years. (Source)

4. What is the lifespan of an adult firefly?
3 – 4 weeks. (Source)

5. Why do the fireflies glow?
All of the above: To communicate with each other; To deter predators; To attract mates. (Source)

6. In some species, the larvae and even the eggs emit light.
True. (Source)

7. Where do fireflies lay their eggs?
On the ground. (Source)

8. All firefly species are terrestrial.
False. (Source)

9. How do the fireflies glow?
Chemical reaction inside their bodies. (Source)

10. The light produced by the firefly is known as “cold light.” Why is this so?
Their light produces no heat. (Source)

11. Where are the light organ of fireflies found?
Abdomen. (Source)

12. Fireflies are resilient to harsh environmental conditions and are known to thrive in habitats where water quality is poor.
False. (Source)

13. What colours do fireflies glow in?
All of the above: Green; Light red; Yellow; Orange. (Source)

14. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
“We’re not tiny and bright, please don’t forget us” is the theme of World Firefly Day 2018. The theme for World Firefly Day 2018 is “We’re tiny and bright, please don’t forget us!” (Source).

15. Firefly larvae are carnivorous. Which of the following is NOT their prey choice?
Leeches. (Source)

16. Where can we find fireflies in Malaysia?
All the above: Mangrove forests; Lowland forests; Freshwater swamp forests. (Source)

17. When is annual World Firefly Day?
First weekend of July every year. (Source)

18. What is the world’s current status of firefly population?
Decreasing. (Source)

19. What is the Selangor Declaration?
A declaration to recognise and advocate firefly related work worldwide. (Source)

20. Please complete the following sentence in fewer than 20 words. “We should save our fireflies because…”
(Your answer)