Media & Resources

Part of our science communication strategy is to reach out to the general public, and this is achieved through publications on various print and online media and radio interviews.

If you could help promote our turtle conservation efforts and outreach programmes, please get in touch with us.

  1. Helping turtles and women. 15 March 2020. NST. Link.
  2. Eco-warriors face dangers in the wild to protect turtle species. 23 February 2020. NST. Link.
  3. Giving terrapins a fighting chance. 11 January 2020. NST. Link.
  4. Perak Sultan prises boy who cares for turtles.18 December 2019. NST. Link.
  5. Malaysian NGO holds virtual run to raise funds for endangered river terrapins. 26 July 2019. Malay Mail. Link.
  6. Couple brought together, kept apart by their love for turtles. 2 March 2019. NST. Link.
  7. Retired Professor saving river terrapins. 2 March 2019. NST. Link.
  8. Run to raise awareness of plastic pollution. 10 January 2019. Options. Link.
  9. GIft of Hope. 23 December 2018. NST. Link.
  10. Shelling out for turtle conservation. 17 December 2018. AWANI Review. Link.
  11. Wildlife explorer programme for kids. 20 November 2018. The Star. Link.
  12. Asia’s hunger for sand takes a toll on endangered species. 1 March 2018. Science magazine. Link.
  13. 13 years on, efforts to save Terengganu turtles continue for Pelf Nyok, Yuan Ying. 4 September 2017. NST. Link.
  14. Love is all we need. 1 January 2017. NST. Link.
  15. OSK Property cleans up Balok beach. 26 October 2016. The Star. Link.
  16. Terengganu turtles winning conservation war thanks to human hero. 7 October 2016. NST. Link.
  17. ‘Paper boat’ pollution on Perhentian Islands. 6 June 2016. FMT. Link.
  18. Terrapin conservation gains momentum in Kemaman. 25 May 2015. The Rakyat Post. Link.
  19. Rare river terrapins get a shot at survival. 20 October 2014. The Star. Link
  1. Penggunaan taut ancam tuntung. 15 Januari 2019. Sinar Harian. Link.
  2. Taut bahayakan tuntung. 14 Januari 2019. Sinar Harian. Link.
  3. Taut ancam tuntung. 14 Januari 2019. Harian Metro. Link.
  4. Mek Tuntung terima sijil pengiktirafan Commonwealth. 21 September 2018. Utusan Online. Link.
  5. Sumbangan Mek Tuntung diiktiraf Ratu Elizabeth. 6 Julai 2018. Harian Metro. Link.
  6. Tuntung makin pupus. 15 September 2015. Utusan Online. Link.
  7. Populasi tuntung di Kemaman diancam kepupusan - NGO. 6 September 2015. Berita Harian Online. Link.
  1. 【动物保育之一】野生动物濒临绝种,保育别太迟. 26 March 2020. Sin Chew. Link.
  2. 甘马挽港口华小40师生到访·龟类保育协会唤醒觉. 6 November 2019. Sin Shew. Link.
  3. English expedition group visits school for cultural exchange. 25 October 2019. China Press. Link.
  4. Conservation project that rescues endangered river terrapins. 28 May 2018. Nanyang Siang Pau. Link.


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