Turtle & Fireflies Discovery Trip

The original Turtle Discovery Trip is a one-day public outreach programme designed to give the general public an introduction to the different turtles found in Malaysia, the threats that these turtles face, and what can be done to help save them.

Terrapin Conservation Centre

Our River Terrapin Conservation Centre in Kg. Pasir Gajah, Kemaman consists of a hatchery for egg incubation, a head-starting pond and a Turtle Gallery that was converted from a store room. The gallery houses numerous shells, bones and preserved terrapin egg and hatchlings. It now serves as our education centre.

Wildlife Explorer Programme

This pilot "TCS Wildlife Explorer" programme was initiated in 2018. It was aimed to expose primary school students to the different wildlife in Malaysia as well as their biology, ecology and threats that they face. Students will also learn about emerging conservation issues in Malaysia and how relevant legislations are protecting these species.

Nature Discovery Trips

These Nature Discovery Trips are 2D1N and 3D2N extended nature tours designed to provide participants a more in-depth experience with nature. Children aged 5-12 years old will be enrolled in our "Junior Scientist" programme in which they are taught the basics of data collection and recording.

Lunch Hour Talks

Can't find time to come visit us in Kemaman? No problem! Let us take you on a virtual tour to our turtle centre and on a boat ride to the mangroves while you grab your sandwich and a cup of coffee.

Turtle Camps

We regularly conduct Turtle Awareness Programmes, or affectionately known as "Turtle Camps" with primary school students. These Turtle Camps are aimed increasing their knowledge and awareness on turtle conservation issues in the country.

Junior Scientist Programme

What does it mean to be a scientist, or a conservationist? What do you do? In our "Junior Scientist" programme, children will be exposed to the different aspects of a turtle conservation project, from taking care of the terrapins, to collecting data, to ensuring they're healthy and well-fed.

Terrapin Independence Day

Our Terrapin Independence Day is an annual event celebrated on the first Saturday of October with much fan-fare at Kg. Pasir Gajah. A typical shell-abration includes an aerobics session, traditional games with the local folks, exhibition by turtle conservation organisations, followed by a terrapin release event by the banks of the Kemaman River.

Turtle Alley

Turtle Alley used to be merely a gap between two pre-war houses that had remained closed to public access for many decades. A beautification project in 2010 has turned this narrow walkway into the first alley in Malaysia which is decorated with lots of turtle mosaics on both the walls and on the ground.

Adopt A Terrapin

Want to support the terrapin conservation project in a more direct way? Symbolically adopt a terrapin and contribute to their head-starting. Funds raised from the adoption programme (RM35 each) are used to purchase a terrapin egg (RM5) and a microchip (RM30) for identification of the terrapins. All donations are tax-deductible.

Adopt A Nest

Support our egg protection programme by symbolically adopting a nest. Each egg costs RM5 and each nest contains 10–25 eggs. At the end of the hatching season (June/July), we will send you information about your adopted nest. All donations are tax-deductible.