Fabric masks

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Frequently Asked Questions
I love your multi-print batiks, but do you have other available colours?
Unfortunately, these batiks are costly to make, hence we do not have many available colours. Once the current batch is sold out, we will place another order.
I love the cute straw pouches! Can I sell them at my store?
Yes, of course! We’d be pleased to have you sell our merchandise at your store. In fact, a few zero waste stores in the Klang Valley are carrying our straw pouches, i.e. NUDE Zero Waste Store, The Hive Bulk Foods and Gudang @ Bangsar Shopping Village.
Is there a place I could pick up these merchandise instead of ordering online?
Our straw pouches are also available at NUDE Zero Waste Store, The Hive Bulk Foods and Gudang @ Bangsar Shopping Village.

Unfortunately, you may have to order the other merchandise online.

Can I get a discount for bulk orders?
Of course! Write to us and we’ll give you a discount for your bulk order. After all, we’d love for more people to buy and use our merchandise too! Our email is [email protected].
Something I love is sold out! Can I place a back-order?
We’re sorry, we don’t take back-orders. This is because we’re only able to offer what the womenfolk in the village are able to make in time. If you like what you see, place an order right away!
How will you ship the merchandise?
We will ship your products via courier service.
I'd like to support TCS but I'm not keen on buying your merchandise. Is there another way I could support you?
Yes, of course! There are many other ways to support us and the work that we do, please check out this page for more ideas. Thank you in advance!