Batik Sarong (with Pucuk Rebung pattern)


These batik cloths can be used to adorn your furniture, such as a table runner, or sewn into reusable shopping/tote bags. It can also be fashioned into pieces of clothings of your preference, e.g. a sarong, a pair of pants, a batik shirt for official ceremonies, beach wear, a skirt, an apron, a pair of mittens, etc.

Care instructions:
Please wash separately initially to allow excess dye to run. Do not dry in direct sunlight.



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These batik cloths have a section called “kepala kain,” which is the section where the motif is different from the rest of the cloth. A typical motif would be the “pucuk rebung,” or literally translated as the “shoots of a plant,” or floral patterns that are drawn/printed vertically. When worn as a long (kebaya) skirt, the “kepala kain” is usually worn at the back.

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Copper, Light Purple, Maroon, Navy Blue, Red