Tote Bag Turtle Batik


Inspired by the zero waste initiative, we work with the women in the village to produce these exclusive tote bags. These new, improved tote bags have an additional layer—hence they are strong, durable and carry heavier loads. This new version also comes with an inner pocket for easy access to your car/house keys, pens, even hand sanitiser.

These tote bags have a snap button for easy storage. Once folded, they are small enough to go into any handbags, glove compartments, laptop bags, etc.!

Dimensions: 14 in (width) x 17 in (length)
Length of straps: 25 in (strap colour is random)
Design: Assorted designs and colours
Quantity: 1 pc




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Yellow/Purple, Yellow/Brown, Orange, Green/Blue, Green/Purple, Olive, Blue/Grey, Blue/Purple, Red/Blue, Red/Purple, Maroon/Blue, Maroon/Gold, Yellow, Red, Maroon, Dark Maroon, Berry, Pink, Orange, Dark Orange, Pear Green, Moss Green, Hunter Green, Apple Green, Cobalt Blue, Steel Blue, Chestnut, Grey, Purple, Rainbow


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