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Inspired by the zero waste initiative, we work with the women in the village to produce these exclusive tote bags. These new, improved tote bags have an additional layer—hence they are strong, durable and carry heavier loads. This new version also comes with an inner pocket for easy access to your car/house keys, pens, even hand sanitiser.

Each bag measures 35 cm (width) x 45 cm (length). The straps are 68 cm in length.



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Why are they called tote bags?
Because in the 17th century, the tote or tate was used to refer “to carry” or “to bear.” With gradual usage and improvements and innovations, the current shape of bags came into being. These tote bags are popular for their sturdiness, ease in carrying, comfort and style enhancement.

These tote bags are versatile and can be use as shopping bag, work bag, for school, tuition class or swimming lessons. They are light weight, can be folded and easily fit into the school bag, handbag and into the glove compartment.

It is eco-friendly and can be re-used multiple times, which also makes it the perfect gift!

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Blood Orange, Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Green (with grey outline), Green (with purple outline), Hunter Green (Sea Turtle), Hunter Green (Beach), Navy Blue (Ocean), Ombre, Orange, Pink, Pink (Sea Turtle), Purple (Beach), Red, Red (Sea Turtle), Sky Blue (Beach), Sky Blue (Ocean), Steel Blue, Steel Blue (Ocean), Sunset, Yellow


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