“You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
– John Bunyan

Join us as a Member

As a TCS member, you will be a part of an exciting partnership that contributes to the protection and conservation of turtles in Malaysia. You may also participate in all the outreach activities that the Society carries out at a discounted rate; and automatically receive newsletters as well as updates from the field. Members are also entitled to a special discount on selected exclusive turtle-themed merchandise.

Make a Donation

Your donations would benefit the river terrapins, school kids and the local villagers. It could be used to help defray the cost of some bills (water, electricity at the hatchery), or it could also be used to sponsor a Turtle Awareness Programme. Donations could be used to organise workshops with the womenfolk in the village. These activities not only build the capacity of the women, but also empower them to make a living with their skills.

Corporate Partnership

We organise corporate CSR programmes that benefit your staff, the turtles, the environment and the local communities. We also organise retreats/ family days for your company, and incorporate beach cleanup, community work and similar activities that are not only educational, but make an impact to the community as well.

Adopt a Terrapin

Our Terrapin Adoption Programme is so affordable that it enables everybody, including children, to support our terrapin conservation efforts. You will help buy river terrapin eggs from the local egg collectors for incubation. You will also help pay our Terrapin Guardian’s wages for caring after the juvenile terrapins in Kg. Pasir Gajah. Children will be awarded a Certificate of Adoption, and adults will benefit from the tax-deductible donations.

Become our Intern/ Volunteer

As an intern/ volunteer, you will be given a platform to learn new skills and polish existing skills. You will learn to write project proposals, execute research, communicate with the local communities, and prepare reports/ publications. You will also be trained to manage multiple projects efficiently. And we will benefit from additional help with our research projects and outreach programmes.

Buy our Merchandise

What better way to spread turtle conservation awareness than to incorporate it into something we could share with many people all around the globe? When you shop with us (especially when you buy our batik products), you are directly empowering the local womenfolk in Kg. Pasir Gajah because our products are sewn by them.