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Terrapin Independence Day 2016

To celebrate Terrapin Independence Day 2016, we have lined up various activities for both adults and children. Come join us on the 24-25th September weekend!

Overcoming the devils in my head

At times, I practiced the talk several times and improved on my presentation skills, after all, I’d be talking to a group of 11-year-old students! I was excited and nervous at the same time!

An eye-opening experience leading a big group of students

A day before the 2D1N programme, I had a fear of facing the big group of students and I was worried that I might forget any of the duties that were assigned to me. I kept thinking to myself, “Cabita, you can do it. Do it with full confidence and always be aware of the critical situations that you might face during the programme.”

My first tour guiding experience!

“A few days before the trip, I was so afraid that I might not be able to lead and meet the expectations of the TDT participants! I searched for information regarding turtles and terrapins from the “almighty internet” to prepare myself for any questions that might be raised by the participants.”

Up close with the Green turtle

It was an amazing experience, being able to witness the nesting of a Green turtle. First, the turtle digs a body pit big enough for her to be comfortable in. Then, she carves an egg chamber for the eggs. When she is ready, she lays her eggs, 2-3 eggs at a time, and then she covers her egg chamber. Before leaving the nest behind, she sand bathes for about an hour, in an attempt to camouflage her nest. The entire nesting process may easily take 3 hours to complete!