Turtle Gallery

“Are these shells real?”
“For real, REAL?”
“What are the holes on the shell for?”
“Why are there barnacles inside the terrapin shell?”


“How deep do you bury the eggs?”
“Can the baby terrapins breathe?”
“How long before the baby terrapins hatch?”

Head-starting Pond

“What do you feed these terrapins?
“Why are the terrapins separated?”
“Why are the driftwoods in the pond?
“When do you release them? Can I join?”


The TCS River Terrapin Conservation Centre was established in 2017, in Kg. Pasir Gajah, Kemaman. It is located right next to the Pasir Gajah Community Hall (Dewan Orang Ramai). The centre consists of a Turtle Gallery, a hatchery and a head-starting pond.

The Turtle Gallery used to be a store room, but in January 2017, the then Head of the Village offered us the store room, which we promptly converted into a gallery. It houses numerous turtle info plates, shells and bones of turtles, and preserved specimens in jars. The hatchery is where we incubate river terrapin eggs secured through our conservation project, and the head-starting pond is where we raise all the hatchlings before they are released.

We are offering a 2-hour guided tour to our centre. This tour is suitable for the whole family, as well as high school, college and university student groups.

To get to our centre, please Waze to “TCS River Terrapin Conservation Centre.” If you’re taking the LPT2 highway, exit at EXIT 841 CHUKAI, and then at the traffic lights, turn right. 

P/S: Optional: Junior Scientist programme for children.

P/P/S: Our centre is wheelchair-friendly.

RM 30 per adult (12 years old and above)
RM 20 per child (5 – 11 years old)
RM 10 per pax (seniors, OKU)

Adopt and release a terrapin:
RM 35 per terrapin

Note: Minimum number of guests is 5 pax.

If you would like to visit our TCS River Terrapin Conservation Centre, please register your interest by filling up the following form. We will send you an email shortly to confirm the availability of your preferred date.

Minimum number of guests is 5 pax.
Each terrapin adoption costs RM35.

1. How do we navigate to the terrapin centre?
Please search for “TCS River Terrapin Conservation Centre” on Google Maps or Waze.

2. What are your opening hours?
We are open only by appointment.  

3. I want to be respectful to the local villagers, how should I dress? What should I pack for the trip?
It is perfectly fine to wear a T-shirt and shorts or three-quarter pants or a skirt. Wear a cap or a hat. You may want to bring your sunblock. Sandals are great. Bring your own water bottle.

4. How long is the tour?
A typical tour will take about 2 hours, but if we have a group of inquisitive kids and curious parents, we don’t mind extending it to 2.5 hours! We love to talk about turtles!

5. I have paid up but due to an emergency at home, we are unable to visit the centre! Could we get a refund?
We won’t be able to refund you, but could you make plans to visit us on another day?

6. I have some specific questions about this tour.
Sure! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Email us and we will get back to you shortly.