Inaugural General and Committee Meetings

Written by Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok

Dr. Chen is the co-founder of Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia. She currently heads the community-based River Terrapin Conservation Project in Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.

24 Dec 2011

One of the first things that we are required to do as a newly established society in Malaysia is to call for our inaugural General and Committee Meetings. Copies of the meeting minutes and a list of Committee Members are to be submitted to the Registrar of Societies within 60 days of establishment.

Hence, the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) held its inaugural General and Committee Meetings on Monday, 28th November 2011 at the Auditorium, Malaysian Nature Society HQ, Kuala Lumpur.

It was a small-ish and intimate affair, attended by 22 supporters and turtle-enthusiasts, including ourselves. The protem President gave a welcoming speech and a short introduction that led to the establishment of TCS. Everybody present was given an opportunity to introduce themselves, after which the protem Secretary and Treasurer read their respective reports.

The main item on the agenda that day was the election of the Committee Members. The following members were elected as the office bearers for the 2011-2013 session.

President: Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd. Nor
Vice President: Dr. Chan Eng Heng
Secretary: Chen Pelf Nyok
Assistant Secretary: Lim Puay Aun
Treasurer: Wee Seng Whatt

Instead of electing four members to join the Committee, our members volunteered themselves. Wasn’t that amazing? :D Thank you very much for offering your time and services for the Society!

Ordinary Committee Members:

  1. Chan Wai Kee
  2. Jasmine Steed
  3. Lim Xin Yu
  4. Loretta Ann Shepherd

The following photos were taken during the General and Committee Meetings by Leong Yuan Jian, Wee Hwee Ling and Chen Pelf Nyok.

It was a short and sweet gathering, and we were glad that many of our turtle-loving friends turned up to show us their support. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Dr. Maketab Mohamed and Ms. Maye Yap from the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) for consenting us to use the Auditorium as the meeting venue, free of charge!

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