Myths and famous local stories on turtles

Written by Dr. Chan Eng Heng

Dr. Chan is a co-founder of TCS. She is a retired Professor who had spent more than 30 years studying marine turtles in the country.

26 Oct 2009

The myth and one that I love to debunk is that turtle eggs are aphrodisiacs. They certainly are NOT. People have analysed the nutrient content of turtle eggs and found them to be no better than chicken eggs. However, I do understand why coastal villagers claim them to be so. In the past when they very poor, under- and mal-nourished, they ate plenty of turtle eggs collected during the nesting season. Hence their nutrition status improved tremendously because of the added and much needed protein. This naturally gave them a sense of well-being and hence libido. In these modern days, they do not need to depend on turtle eggs any more as chicken eggs are readily available and much cheaper too.

In some South Pacific Islands, legends abound. In Fiji, there is this story about an ancient ancestor transforming herself into a turtle so that she could swim and fly through the water forever. In Satawal, Micronesia, the hawksbill was treated like a god and could not be caught or eaten (I like this one).

Famous local stories where turtles star: None so far.

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  1. we should protect turtle because turtle is also a living thing. dun let turtle pupus!!1

  2. Please protect the turtle because turtle also need to alive!!!

  3. There is an island in Singapore call Kusu Island which looks like a turtle. Legend says that a huge turtle turns itself into an island to save a group of sailors from drowning.

    Well, it’s a legend. :)

    • Aww.. That’s interesting! Is it possible for you to take a picture of Kusu Island?

  4. interesting…let us know when the book gets published. Want to gt those out to the islands immediately. Will look around also if anyone interested to publish the book…

  5. Wow.. the art looks nice… Can’t wait for the book to be published…

  6. Great artwork. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the book!

  7. Thanks for the nice comments. I love YiSin’s art too. All the illustrations are targeted to be completed by mid-November 2009 after which I will start looking for a sponsor to publish it. Daniel, or anyone else who may know potential sponsors for a delightful children’s book to educate them about turtles and tutle conservation, please contact me. Thanks :)

  8. Thank you everyone.. hugssss ^^
    i will work harder :D


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