TCC’s inaugural Terrapin Independence Day: A joyous event told in pictures

Written by Dr. Chan Eng Heng

Dr. Chan is a co-founder of TCS. She is a retired Professor who had spent more than 30 years studying marine turtles in the country.

10 Sep 2009

The Turtle Conservation Centre held its inaugural Terrapin Independence Day on the 9th of September 2009. It was a joyous event attended by 40 fishermen, some kids, TCC staff and helpers, two WWF officers based in Penarik and some journalists. A total of 99 three-year-old river terrapins head-started at the University Malaysia Terengganu Terrapin Head-Starting Facility were released at Tebing Pasir Pak Lah Teh, one of the nesting banks of the river terrapins in the Setiu River. All the terrapins have been micro-chipped to enable us to monitor their progress in the wild after release. These terrapins are available for adoption by members of the public. Please click here for adoption details.

Join us in this happy event by viewing the pictures below (please click for larger images in the form of a gallery):


  • Mr. Alex Lee of Ping Anchorage for providing his lorry to transport the terrapins.
  • Malek for the use of his stall or “gerai makan”.
  • Ropi for all his help.
  • Fong and Giap for helping us bring the food to Beris Tok Ku.
  • Sean and Imran the photographer (from NST) and Hida (from Berita Harian) for attending the function.
  • Prof. Noor Azhar of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu for agreeing to let us release the terrapins.
  • Kak Wani the caterer who agreed to help us at the 11th hour.
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