TCS and Sri KDU organize Turtle Camp at S.K. Pasir Gajah, Kemaman

Written by Dr. Chen Pelf Nyok

Dr. Chen is the co-founder of Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia. She currently heads the community-based River Terrapin Conservation Project in Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia.

19 May 2013

On Saturday, 27th April 2013, a group of 27 teachers and students from Sri KDU Secondary School, Kota Damansara, organized and executed a Turtle Camp for the school students at S.K. Pasir Gajah, Kemaman. A total of 98 Primary 4, 5 and 6 students participated in the 3-hour programme.

The Turtle Camp started with a short talk about turtles, terrapins and tortoises by TCS; followed by some activities/games organized and supervised by the Sri KDU facilitators. With the help of the teachers, the students were separated into 3 groups, for each of the activity/station.

One of the stations were a colouring/painting station, where students worked in groups of 3-4 to complete their artwork. Another station was a crossword puzzle/quiz station where students were to answer questions about turtles. In another station, students were first warmed up by joining the facilitators in a short “turtle dance,” after which they’d have to write/modify their own songs/poems. In each of the stations, the Sri KDU facilitators were there to guide the students.

At the end of the 3-hour Turtle Camp, we had a little prize-giving and handling of souvenirs ceremony. The following pictures were taken during the camp.

Note: These students represent the People to People International (PTPI) Malaysia Student Chapter which was chartered in 2009. Each Chapter is required to participate in the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). The GYSD is a public education campaign that highlights the amazing contributions youths can make to their communities through year-round volunteering. This year, the Sri KDU Chapter has chosen to support Turtle Conservation in their GYSD. Ms. Chuah Siew Yen currently serves as its Adult Advisor.

Photo credit: Lai Kow Lian

P/S: More photos of the Turtle Camp are found on our TCS Facebook page.

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