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A set of wildlife-themed playing cards that includes information cards on five critically endangered wildlife in Malaysia, i.e. hornbill, tiger, orang utan, pangolin and tapir.

The playing cards are produced by Happy Go KL and proceeds are donated to TCS to save turtles!

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“Games On The Go” is the perfect family travel game. Play any classic card game with this deck featuring adorable – but critically endangered – wildlife of the Malaysian forests.

Children are familiar with games such as Snap, Memory and Old Maid, while older members of the family can team up for Gin Rummy or Bridge. Included in the packs are fun facts about each of the wildlife featured in the deck.

Classic games includes:
– Memory Game
– Go Fish
– Spoons
– Snap
– Old Maid
– Cheat
– Rolling Stone

For instructions to play these games, visit Happy Go KL.

For more fun card games, check out this page!

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