Batu Seremban


Batu Seremban, or “Five Stones” is a Malaysian childhood game. Yes, kids, we used to play this B.C. (before computers). It is a multi-level game that requires good hand-eye coordination. To play, throw a stone up in the air, pick up the remaining stones on the floor (one stone in Level 1, two stones in Level 2, etc.), and then catch the falling stone. The challenge? You can’t touch the stones that you aren’t intending to pick up!

There are many variations to this game, so feel free to get creative and design more challenging levels!

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the game, brought to you by Leaderonomics Media. Let us know whenever you get to Level 6!

P/S: Our Batu Seremban set comes with an additional stone, just in case!



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