Adopt A Terrapin


Each terrapin adoption will be furnished with an official tax-deductible receipt and a personalised Certificate of Adoption. You may also name your adopted terrapin(s)! All funds raised through the Terrapin Adoption Programme will be used to carry out river terrapin conservation projects in the future.

Please fill up the Terrapin Adoption (click to open this link in a new tab) form for us to prepare your receipt and/or Certificate of Adoption.


Add-ons total:




Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCS) carries out two river terrapin conservation projects in the Setiu and Kemaman Rivers, Terengganu. Through these projects and with the collaboration with the local communities, a maximum number of river terrapin eggs are secured for incubation. Upon emergence, some river terrapin hatchlings are released immediately while the remaining hatchlings are raised for approximately six to ten months before they are also released into the respective rivers.

Our “Terrapin Adoption Programme” is a symbolic gesture in an effort to raise funds for turtle conservation in Malaysia. Adopters do NOT get to bring home a terrapin. And at the end of the day, ALL terrapins will be released into the river, regardless of whether they get “adopted.” :)

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