Chitra the Softshell Turtle (PDF)

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Want to teach your children about softshell turtles but don’t have the knowledge to do so? This book is written for you!

What’s inside?

1) An original short story
2) Activity pages for young children
3) Info sheet for adults

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We hope you and your little ones enjoy it!


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3 reviews for Chitra the Softshell Turtle (PDF)

  1. J Chan

    Thank you so much for making it available online. My 5 year old loved it, especially the word search (although the words were in lower case while the ones in the search were in upper case) :) both of us learnt many new things about turtles ! looking forward to other TCS stories. thanks again!

  2. Amy

    K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short & Sweet) is what my Journalism lecturer once said to us when writing articles. This story about the soft shell turtle is short and sweet! My niece enjoyed it so much! Thanks for creating an activity like this. Hope to see more of TCS short stories! =)

  3. TeachitWith Teacher Neesha

    Absolutely in love with it. Great for young audience, especially those who love turtles and coloring. Perfect material to encourage kids to become avid readers in future. Also, thank you, Chen Pelf Nyok, Aliah Affandi and Yokie-Tokie, for highlighting turtles’ plight in such manner that it is simple, relatable and understandable.

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