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Want to visit us but can’t because state borders aren’t opened yet?

Join us on a virtual tour instead! These virtual tours will be hosted by Dr. Pelf. You will learn about turtles of Malaysia; the stories behind the shells on display in the Mini Turtle Gallery, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see river terrapin hatchlings too!

Once you have signed up, you will receive a Zoom link by email before the virtual tour. Registration closes 2 hours before the next session. Timezone: GMT +8 (Kuala Lumpur).

P/S: Want to organise a private virtual tour for a group? Email [email protected] for a group discount!



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12 reviews for Virtual Tour

  1. Sarah & Nad (verified owner)

    We had fun during the virtual tour and also learnt a lot about Malaysia’s local turtles and tortoises. The timing was also perfect for us being in Europe, whereby usually programes are held when we ‘re still sleeping. Thanks to the organiser!

  2. TEE TING SIEW (verified owner)

    We joined the 1st Virtual Tour by TCS last Sunday.

    Well, we would give them 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼! Great job by them trying to showcase their gallery and hatchery using mobile and Internet.

    Though I still think being there in person will be more fun as u can touch the artifacts on display, slowly read the information displayed on the walls, and the best is get to play with the hatchlings in their start-up pond.

    And can enjoy the strong sea breeze (though u can see it from the coconuts trees branches swaying strongly in the nearby village).

    But the message of conservation and how we can help to preserve the natural river habitats did get transpired well with the kids’ audience.

    Since it’s MCO now in most part of the cities, I do encourage all parents to consider joining this educational and fun (virtual) tour with your children. I am sure we will all get to gain some new knowledge.

  3. Wendy

    We are very privileged to be psysically there while Dr Pelf conduct the virtual tour. Very informative and the kids are very engaged throughout the whole session.

    The session started with introduction to the project, witnessing the nests and eggs at the hatchery, microchipping process, briefing on all the different species of turtles, a walkthough the exhibits in the gallery consisting of skeletal and preserved of different species alongside informative posters. Lastly a visit to the pond of hatchlings before Q&A session. The whole tour went smoothly and transitioning from one scene to another making the one hour compact with great educational value.

    K : It was really cool and awesome; can learn a lot about river terrapins and turtles !
    J : The whole tour is very interesting ! I love it !

  4. Quek Yew Aun (verified owner)

    Great way to visit the Turtle Gallery and learn about terrapins from anywhere in Malaysia/the world! Pelf does an amazing job in engaging the crowd.

    Highly recommended!

  5. Li Hui

    I have learnt a lot from the virtual tour and it was very informative and fun. This is the first time where I get to know that there is also a type of turtle that named Terrapin other than Leatherback turtle. Thank you Dr Pelf and your team. Good job!

  6. Azril and Lily (verified owner)

    Excellent and informative virtual tour. Totally recommended!

    Was nice to see as well the many head started turtles in your care. May all of them do well upon their release.

    I had not realized that they smile naturally too! Adorable like bottlenose dolphins, that can be some good marketing right there :)

    Keep up the great work. And maybe we can look forward to a virtual tour 2 with more stuff? :D

  7. Nur Fathihah (verified owner)

    Very informative presentation. Keep up the good work.^^

  8. Nur Azah Hamzaid

    excellent virtual tour by Dr Pelf. our whole family enjoyed it :-) can see you guys are passionate and doing great work. thank you so much for the effort!

  9. Calvin Lai Yew Veng

    Thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour which I attended on 10 July 2021. It was a very informative session and I managed to learn a lot, such as the fact that there are 22 species of turtles in Malaysia.
    I really wish I could have been there in person to see the turtles.
    Keep up the good work Dr. Pelf and the rest of the team!

  10. Andrew Sia

    An excellent virtual tour, Dr Pelf is a cheerful guide to the terrapins. U will leave the tour feeling something for these poor animals. The NGO doesn’t get any govt support & need all the public help they can get.

  11. Mohd Rizal Zahari (verified owner)

    My daughters & I really enjoy the virtual tour. We learn new thing especially about terrapin. It is very informative. We wish to have a physical tour when it is allowed to travel again. It is really a great effort by TCS to organize this virtual tour.

  12. Nur Aishah Abu Kasim

    I held a private virtual learning with TCS with my students. They did a great job in term of explaining the fun facts about terrapin. Our students enjoyed the virtual learning and were excited to see different types of turtles, learning the danger that our ecosystem facing right now, the tour gallery. Thank you so much !

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